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Anonymous asked:

if you're bored enough, any the odd numbered questions you feel like answering

[I think this ask was slightly older but since I didn’t respond to it before, I’ll make up for it now]

1. Is there a boy/girl in your life?

Hell yeah ;) 

3. What do you think of when you hear the word “meow?”

My statistics teacher

5. Are you afraid of falling in love?

Absolutely not

7. Have you ever slept on a couch with someone else?

…Yes (kind of?)

9. Name the last four beds you were sat on?

Wait what does that even mean

11. Honestly, are things going the way you planned?

Oh god no, but then again I’m terrible at carrying through with my plans

13. Would you rather have a poodle or a Rottweiler?

I’m more of a cat person

15. Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?

ART MUSEUM HELL YEAH especially modern!

17. How long have you known your 1st phone contact?

As in the first one who starts with the first letter of the alphabet in order of listing? I’ve known him for…4 years, I think? Maybe a little less, I can’t remember

19. Would you ever consider getting back together with any of your exes?

Well I only have one, and only if he transformed into a better person than the asshole he’s turned into since we went out, and even then he’s still got a lot to fix before I would even begin to legitimately consider it

23. How many bracelets do you have on your wrists right now?

None, surprisingly

25. What’s on your mind?

How can I teleport to Scotland right now

27. What is your favorite color?

Forest green

29. Who are you texting?

Mon copain

31. Have you ever had the feeling something bad was going to happen and you were right?


33. Do you think anyone has feelings for you?

I sure hope my boyfriend does…

37. Are you friends with the last person you kissed?

Yes, and luckily he’s also my significant other

39. Has anyone upset you in the last week?

Mi madre…

41. Where’s your last bruise located?

Huh… well I found one on my knee, I think I tripped or something

43. Last time you wanted to be away from somewhere really bad?

My house yesterday :P Which I did, cause now I’m responding to these at Birddog!

45. Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?

My (newer) combat boots!

47. Would you ever go bald if it was the style?

Hahahahahaha no.

49. Does your bedroom have a door?

Yes, thank god

51. Do you know anyone who hates shopping?

Too many

53. Are goodbyes hard for you?

Extremely, I’m a very sentimental person when it comes to letting people go

55. How is your hair?

Puff levels are slightly lower today. Haven’t taken a shower so it’s a little softer than usual

57. Do you think two people can last forever?

Unless those two people are immortal, no

61. Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?

Not really, since I’m in my safe haven (finally). But I wouldn’t mind being in Scotland…

63. Where will you be 5 hours from now?

At the Lodge eating Cornish hens 

65. This time last year, can you remember who you liked?

My current boyfriend :)

67. Did you kiss or hug anyone today?

My grandma <3

69. Have you ever tried your hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?

Too often…

71. How many fingers do you have?

Ten, I don’t live in that other dimension where some people don’t consider thumbs to be fingers

73. How old will you be in 5 months?

Five months older than I am now….and still 18

75. Why aren’t you with the person you were first in love with or almost in love?

Because we broke up and he kinda turned into an asshole and we both have new significant others

77. Are you friends with the people you were friends with two years ago?

For the most part yes, and with many more :D

79. Is there anyone you know with the name Mike?

Yeah, known him since kindergarden

81. How many people have you liked in the past three months?

The one that I am currently with :)

83. Will you talk to the person you like tonight?

Videochat, actually :D

85. If your BF/GF was into drugs would you care?

Hell yeah I would slap him upside the head

87. Who was your last received call from?

Mi madre

93. Are you keeping a secret from someone who needs to know the truth?

…no comment…

95. You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed, is that a problem?

Hell no, we would have a blast ;)

97. Did you sleep alone this week?

Sadly… But in a different circumstance, luckily I haven’t had to share with my sister :P

99. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Absolutely not. There’s no such thing as love at first sight, but there is lust at first sight, which I don’t deny in the least. Hallmark has made it into some fantasy that upon the first second you lay eyes on someone you can fall in love with them, but it is nowhere near what true love really is in reality.


Anonymous asked:

21, 28, 35, 66, 68, 89, 98,100, 90, 91

Jeez, you certainly want to know a lot… And I feel like you know me irl, from the questions you chose…

21. If you knew you had the right person, would you marry them today?

What kind of question is that? If I knew I had the right person, of course I would marry them! Although today I have a lot of things going on… I think I would wait a few years from now until I figure out what else I’m doing in life first, as in get college out of the way.

28. Next time you will kiss someone on the lips?

Monday! :D Or hopefully earlier, depending on where I am in a couple days, and whether I see him before school is back in session.

35. Say the last person you kissed was kissing someone right in front of you?

It better be me looking in a mirror. If not…I don’t think he wants to know what would do, especially since he only knows part of what I’m capable of. If we weren’t together anymore and that happened, I think I’d respond the same way I do (or did) to my current ex :P

66. Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?

I feel like credit should be given to my music teacher, because he can make me smile no matter what!

68. What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?

"God, please let me wake up in Scotland…"

89. What is something you wish you had more of?

Time. If I had a superpower, it would be the ability to stop time, because I am absolutely horrible with managing it and I’m always in need of more.

90. Have you ever trusted someone too much?

Yes… And if you don’t know me, you should know that I don’t trust people easily. I value trust more than I value love, and I can count on one hand the number of people I trust without reservation. As for investing that trust in someone who left me broke… That’s a story for another time. I’ve found a much better safe in which to store it, and I’m not letting that go anytime soon.

91. Do you sleep with your window open?

HELL NO, who knows what’s gonna come flying in???

98. Everybody has somebody that makes them happy, do you?

Yes, I have the most wonderful group of friends ever! But I’ve also found the person who can give me happiness by simply being in the room, and who has led me out of the shadows of my mind, and that is more important to me than anything else.

100. Who was the last person that you pinky promised?

Hmm… I think it was Vall, cause she was trying to convince me that she would bring me her overdue gift by the end of the week (a promise which she broke, but that I forgot about). I swear, if I was a library, she would be swimming in overdue book fines :P Vall, I think you might be worse than me with deadlines ;)


Anonymous asked:

2, 4, 6, 8!


Seriously though, sorry it took so long to get to these asks, I have no legit excuse, really :P But I appreciate you beautiful fools who want to talk to me!!! Love you anon <3

2. Think of the last person who hurt you; do you forgive them?

Hmm…That’s tough to gauge… For the most part, yes. But definitely not completely.

4. What’s something you really want right now?

NUTELLA! But on a serious note, I want all of my current responsibilities to disappear so I can have a FREE vacation and not have to be so stressed 24/7.

6. Do you like the beach?

Eh, yeah, I do, I just really hate sand. When I was little I went to Hawaii and got sand in every possible crack and my mom was like ‘suck it up’ and it was TERRIBLE cause I couldn’t rinse off and augh bad memories  >.< But I do love digging my toes into the sand! Besides that, yes, I like the beach (But not enough to commit to SB :P)

8. What’s the background on your cell?

Luckily I changed it from when the Tenors stole my phone :P
HALF DOME! (and yes I got this picture from Tumblr)

And yes, that is the Pit & Drumline version of that song ;)

Surprised you asked for wallpaper and not lock screen or laptop…

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